Re: [MLton-user] Feature request: MLton.Pointer

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Author: Matthew Fluet
To: John Reppy
CC: mlton-user
Subject: Re: [MLton-user] Feature request: MLton.Pointer
On Mon, 2 Jun 2008, John Reppy wrote:
> The MLton.Pointer structure should have
>     val sizeofPtr : word

> so that one can allocate arrays of pointers in the C heap.

Sounds reasonable.

BTW, for importing "malloc", you should use
_import "malloc": C_Size.word -> MLton.Pointer.t;
rather than
_import "malloc": Word32.word -> MLton.Pointer.t;
to pass the appropriately sized 'size_t' object on 32-bit and 64-bit

The "structure C_Size : WORD" is available from

You could also use C_Size.wordSize to compute the sizeof a pointer (MLton
asserts that sizeof(void*) == sizeof(size_t) and CHAR_BIT == 8).

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