[MLton] Newer cygwin build of MLton?

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Author: Lars Bergstrom
To: MLton
Subject: [MLton] Newer cygwin build of MLton?
Is there either a newer cygwin build of MLton that includes some of
the recent Windows FFI fixes or can somebody point me at instructions
on how to bootstrap MLton under cygwin using SML/NJ?

I'm trying to compile some MLton projects under cygwin that make heavy
use of OpenGL & GLUT, and am running into issues with it generating
incorrect symbol imports. In particular, it's looking for stuff like
_glMatrixMode@16 instead of _glMatrixMode@4. I'm assuming it's related
to some of the other fixes for the Windows FFI where it was mis-
estimating the number of bytes being passed to functions.

I've been unfortunately unable to just build MLton bootstrapping with
the older cygwin build due to the GetTempFileName/CreateFile bug.
MLton runs out of heap attempting to compile a new version of itself,
attempts to page, and dies, otherwise that would be the much simpler
way to go.

Thanks much,
- Lars

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